3 Wise Men and Science

The 3 Wise Men who came to see Jesus bearing gifts of myrrh, gold and frankincense were men of science.  

Today, many atheists claim religion and science are incompatible. What are your thoughts on this?

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5 Responses to 3 Wise Men and Science

  1. Jimmy B says:

    There are religious scientists to this day. The best ones compartmentalise and put aside their religion when doing science, and put aside their science when doing religion. The worst allow their irrational beliefs to inform their science, and are simply doing it wrong.

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    • flaxensaxon says:

      Verity itself, Jimmy B.


    • PAUL VINCI says:

      This is really a extremely vague statement .

      Putting aside religion when doing science and putting aside science when doing religion ……..what does that that even mean

      You then said that our belief is irrational !!! And that THE WORST OF THEM Allow this irrational belief informs their science

      How so ???? Can you give an example


  2. flaxensaxon says:

    Science and religion are totally incompatible. Different methodologies and philosophies. No wriggle room as far as I can see.


    • That is a big misconception. Science actually comes from religion. Franciscan Friar Roger Bacon formulated the scientific method which we use today. Catholic priests and monks used a substantial amount of time working on experiments and scientific research.

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