Alien Life and Religion

On the news there was a report that NASA discovered 3 “Earth like” planets. In light of this, life on other worlds is most likely a reality.

  • If intelligent life does exist and makes contact with us or we with them, will this force world religions to rethink certain ideas? 
  • Will these beings need salvation? 
  • What if they have a different view of God(s)? 
  • Will they have a soul? 
  • What if they claim to have “engineered” the human race by manipulating the genetic pool in primitive Earth?
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One Response to Alien Life and Religion

  1. Christian says:

    It does open the question of if religion is correct. I mean besides Scientology and other UFO cults/religions no other major religions claim anything about other intelligent life. I think this would be an interesting time in religion if it ever comes to that.


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