Ms Grumpy vs Sacerdotus

This is the debate and its rules:

God, can He be proven to exist?
Can He be proven not to exist?

Both sides should provide coherent reasons supported by evidence.
No ad hominem, vulgarity and the like.
Arguments should be stable and not wander around.
If an argument is not clear or is too complicated, questions can be posted within two asterisk (*) symbols. ie **What did you mean by….**
The winner will be the one who has provided the strongest arguments.
If any participant fails to continue, he/she will be disqualified and deemed the loser.
No one other than Idiot Grumpy and Sacerdotus will be allowed to comment here.


Opening Speech – Opponent

Opening Speech  – Sacerdotus

First Rebuttal – Opponent

First Rebuttal – Sacerdotus

Second Rebuttal – Opponent

Second Rebuttal – Sacerdotus

Closing Statement – Opponent

Closing Statement  – Sacerdotus


Idiot Grumpy had till 12 midnight Eastern time to post an opening statement and failed to do so.  She has therefore forfeited the debate and is declared the loser.  Perhaps when she musters up some courage, we can truly debate.

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