Brian Fuller vs Sacerdotus

March 11, 2013 – Brian still did not show up, so he forfeits.  He is declared the loser of the debate for not showing up.

This is the debate and its rules: 

God, can He be proven to exist?
Can He be proven not to exist? 

  • Both sides should provide coherent reasons supported by evidence. 
  • No ad hominem, vulgarity and the like. 
  • Arguments should be stable and not wander around. 
  • If an argument is not clear or is too complicated, questions can be posted within two asterisk (*) symbols. ie **What did you mean by….** 
  • The winner will be the one who has provided the strongest arguments.
  • If any participant fails to continue, he/she will be disqualified and deemed the loser.  
  • No one other than Brian Fuller and Sacerdotus will be allowed to comment here.
Opening Speech – Opponent
Opening Speech  – Sacerdotus
First Rebuttal – Opponent
First Rebuttal – Sacerdotus
Second Rebuttal – Opponent
Second Rebuttal – Sacerdotus
Closing Statement – Opponent
Closing Statement  – Sacerdotus
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5 Responses to Brian Fuller vs Sacerdotus

  1. I want anyone to see this to know that Sacerdotus has repeatedly avoided debating me in person. Furthermore, these requests to debate in person have come weeks before he ever requested that I debate on this blog. Here are some tweet references:

    I posit that the reasons Sacerdotus has repeatedly run away from my offer to debate in person are:

    1. He is afraid that he will not be able to defend his statements without the aid of hours of research and internet access that he currently has access to whilst debating on a blog.

    2. He has fraudulently represented himself, and debating in person would leave him vulnerable as to his real identity.



  2. Sacerdotus says:

    This is not an opening statement Brian. I have already informed you that this is the place to have a debate with me. I am not at liberty to meet people in any part of the world for obvious reasons. Please stop the dilly dally and bravely follow through with the debate.


  3. You absolutely can debate in person. If you really were a seminarian, then you would be encouraged to engage with dissenters and non-believers. At least that's what the Catholic Church teaches. Instead, you've hidden behind social media and anonymity.

    You have proven your cowardice by repeatedly avoiding a debate in a public forum. Either you're afraid of having to think with your own mind and do it on the spot, or you will be found out to be a fraud and a coward.


  4. Sacerdotus says:

    Brian, if you were a seminarian with a religious order you would know that what you request is not possible. Even ordained clergy do not have the time to do what you request. Moreover, everyone who reads my blogs and tweets knows that I use this blog for debates in order to keep a record of them for all to read. Stop being a coward and post your opening statement or forfeit.


  5. Anonymous says:

    A simple video posted here would be a record of the debate would it not? And if you have the time to debate online you have time to debate in person.


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