Atheist Survey I

If you are self-proclaimed “Atheist,” please take a few minutes to participate in this survey.  This survey will assist in collecting data for the blog, thanks.

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Click here to take survey

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5 Responses to Atheist Survey I

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a crock. 'Self-proclaimed “Atheist”'? What, do we need a certificate now? Or are you suggesting that we're not really “Atheists”, just a bit confused?

    And your so-called “Survey” is worse.


  2. Sacerdotus says:

    Atheists are really Agnostics. This survey will actually show this.


  3. correction says:

    What Sacerdotus meant to say was “most Agnostics are really Atheists as well”


  4. correction says:

    The categories aren't what's important, it's their definitions and the ideas behind them that are.
    And it is perfectly possible to fall under the definition of atheist and agnostic. So saying “Atheists are really Agnostics” is essentially nonsense.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Sacerdotus again is baking his conclusion into the survey through limiting the answers. He as much as says so in his first comment about atheists actually being agnostics…they survey will prove this!?!

    Very far from scientific.

    By the way, you can be both an agnostic AND an atheist! Agnosticism refers to knowledge, atheism is about BELIEF. In other words, I cannot possibly know that there definitly is no god (agnosticism) but I can not believe in one personally (atheism) based upon the evidence for one. This is not a binary problem but rather one of a probablity gradient. The probability of a god based upon the evidence is too small to justify my belief that one exists.

    Try capturing that in your blunt little survey.


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