Why does God allow Evil?

Life is beautiful, this universe, this world are beautiful.  However, we often face many things that are interpreted as “evil.”  

Evil is an argument used by Atheists to prove there is no God.

  • If God is all good, how can evil exist?  
  • If God is all Good, why doesn’t He stop evil?
  • Did God create evil?
  • Can God even stop evil?
  • How can God be good if the unborn are aborted, children and people die from diseases or disasters?
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2 Responses to Why does God allow Evil?

  1. Allocutus says:

    Good points, Sacer. It makes totally no sense that a loving god would allow suffering. While apologists can make some inroads into human-caused suffering (they rely on god giving us free will), nobody so far has explained how a loving and omnipotent god can allow an innocent infant to suffer horrible pain in a natural disaster.


  2. El says:

    God exists and God is evil. Destroy God!


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